Quezon City– Mother Earth Foundation (MEF), a pioneering leader in the Philippines for the Zero Waste movement, proudly celebrated its 25th Anniversary on June 13, 2024.  This milestone marked a quarter-century of dedicated efforts to champion sustainable practices, educate communities, and implement strategic solutions reducing waste and plastic pollution, thereby protecting the environment. MEF’s legacy in Zero Waste has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy since its inception in 1998.

Sonia Mendoza, founding member of MEF proudly shared the organization’s achievements, acknowledging the people who have made those accomplishments possible. “Together with the entire Mother Earth staff, I am excited to celebrate this significant milestone and reflect on our evolution as an environmental organization and stewards of the Earth. All our efforts come from our love for the planet. Our journey was made possible thanks to the unwavering dedication and support of our community, partners, and dedicated staff. We look forward to continuing our mission to create a more sustainable future, ” she said.

Founding Chairwoman Sonia Mendoza receiving 25 Zero Waste Heroes Award.

For 25 years, Mother Earth Foundation has tirelessly worked towards a vision of a waste-free world. From comprehensive educational programs to initiatives involving campaigns on the household level, as well as waste workers in communities, the organization has significantly impacted and empowered individuals, communities, and governments to go for Zero Waste, conserve resources, and promote a circular society.

The celebration took place at Libunao-Atencio Hall at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The event featured speeches from the organization’s Board of Trustees, a presentation of the organization’s journey and achievements, and the recognition and awarding of 25 heroes with outstanding contributions to the Zero Waste movement.

Senator Loren Legarda, one of the 25 Zero Waste heroes, also gave a keynote speech, signifying the impact of the organization in sustainability and zero waste leadership. Having had a meaningful and long-standing relationship with the organization in promoting environmental stewardship, she expressed her appreciation saying, “The Mother Earth Foundation has consistently been a reliable ally in my efforts to catalyze significant shifts in ecological waste management and sustainable development. Through policy reforms and grassroots community engagement, we commit to nurture and preserve the environment for future generations.”

As MEF celebrates its silver anniversary, it remains steadfast in its commitment to a Zero Waste future. The organization will continue to innovate, educate, and advocate, inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards.

“We are incredibly proud of our achievements for the past 25 years,” said Deputy Director of Programs, Raphaelo Villavicencio. “This milestone is a testament to our meaningful partnerships with different stakeholders that have been the cornerstone of our success. It is through collaboration that we have been able to tackle the complex challenges of waste and plastic pollution. Each partnership, whether large or small, has contributed significantly to our collective goal of a Zero Waste Pilipinas.

The future for Mother Earth Foundation remains bright and continues to strongly advocate Zero Waste. The MEF team looks forward to expanding the non-profit’s programs, fostering new partnerships and continuing advocating for policies that support Zero Waste goals and a sustainable and circular society. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment in creating significant impact in communities locally and globally.

Some Quotes:
From Aloja Santos, Community Leader and President of the Philippine National Waste Workers Alliance (PNWWA): “Mother Earth Foundation is a valuable resource that educates people on how to prevent or solve the problem of waste and protect our environment while also improving people’s health through the information and support they provide.

From Nueva Vizcaya Governor Ruth Padilla: “Mother Earth Foundation is conservation. Mother Earth Foundation is dedicated to conservation efforts aimed at promoting the environment and promoting sustainable practices through education, advocacy and community engagement. MEF works to preserve natural resources and mitigate the impact of human activities on the planet. Their work is definitely essential in safeguarding the Earth for current and future generations.

From the City of San Fernando, Pampanga Mayor Vilma B. Caluag: “It is with complete delight that I am extending my gratitude to the Mother Earth Foundation for providing us with a share of this program. Just like how you provided us with an avenue to grow, foster and nurture us as an environment Champion City. Over the years, MEF has been the best partner of our City Environment and Natural Resources Office for which with hundreds of projects and initiatives that we have shared together, we attained a remarkable waste diversion rate that left a mark across Asia Pacific and push
thousands of localities to join in the reform. As Earth is our home and Nature is our life, the Environmental Management and Protection Agenda is our way. It is at the very core of every project that we do, of every waste that we manage, of every tree that we plant, and of every waterway that we clean. My felicitations go to the leaders who built and continuously build MEF as a reputable and significant organization. From then until now and into the future. Kayabera Kayu or in every way you are with us. Happy 25th Anniversary. Luid Ya in Mother Earth Foundation!”

From former Mayor of Taguig, Lino Cayetano: “Mother Earth Foundation is a beacon. I’ve always looked up to Mother Earth in a lot of things that I do especially in government and in private practice. I ask. I consult. Mother Earth has guided me when it comes to proper solid waste management which is always one of my priorities.”

From former Mayor of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Edwin Santiago: “Ang Mother Earth Foundation ay pagmamahal, pagmamahal sa Inang Kalikasan. Pag may pagmamahal ka sa Inang Kalikasan, may pagmamahal ka sa Diyos, sa Bayan, at sa kapwa tao mo.” (“Mother Earth Foundation is love, love for Nature. If you have love for the Earth, you have love for the country and your fellow men.”)

From Khate Nolasco, Barangay Kagawad on Environment, Co-Founder of Potrero United Youth Organization: “We have worked with Mother Earth Foundation since 2015. They taught us how to implement RA 9003. I am very proud to say that Barangay Potrero is a Zero Waste barangay
with around 80 waste warriors. I hope that you still continue to work with other communities for the next 25 years. Congratulations!”

MOTHER EARTH FOUNDATION PH is a non-stock, non-profit organization actively engaged in addressing waste and toxic pollution, climate change, and other health and environmental justice issues. It is best known for its advocacy of Zero Waste through the systematic reduction and proper management of waste. Visit our website at motherearthphil.org for more information and connect with us through act@motherearthphil.org.