Letter of the Humanist International to Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations Organization on the occasion of the demand for coherent actions of the UN in the face of the genocide in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

Dear Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The Humanist International is writing to you to express our deep concern and demand concrete action from the United Nations (UN) concerning the ongoing GENOCIDE against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, where several tens of thousands of people are being massacred, mostly children, women and the elderly, as your specialized health agency (WHO) reported this month. Since its founding, the UN has remained silent in the face of various conflicts and wars around the world, often behaving more like an observer of war events than as a promoter of peace and human rights, as expressed in its Statutory Charter.

Not only have war events motivated by exclusively economic interests marked the ineffectiveness of the UN, but their ineffectiveness in the face of various conflicts with important cultural components and massacres against ethnic groups and indigenous peoples in territories such as Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Armenia), Africa (Western Sahara, Mali, Sudan), America (Chile, Brazil), Asia (India-Manipur-, Myanmar, Sri Lanka), which are also in recent memory.

These conflicts, among others, reinforce the perception that the UN has failed in its fundamental purpose of promoting peace and well-being among nations.

The current organizational model, by granting veto powers over international security issues to a small group of countries that possess almost all nuclear weapons, thus marginalizes other countries and perpetuates an unacceptable power imbalance.

To begin the process of recovering its credibility, the UN must adopt immediate and forceful measures.

We demand, and not only recommend, the immediate and urgent cessation of the bombing, invasion, and blockade of the Gaza Strip, to stop the ongoing GENOCIDE.

Furthermore, a structural reform of the UN is crucial, to include all countries in the world as members with equal rights.

The UN must be a true platform for peace, justice and human rights, reflecting the diversity and needs of all humanity.

This petition will be sent to all nations in the world and we will promote its wide dissemination

We expect an urgent response and concrete actions from you to our request.


May 4 meeting of the Humanist International