The Humanist International held a meeting on 4 May 2024 to discuss “How to end violence”, with the participation of political and social organizations and individuals from 9 countries (Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Spain, India, Togo, and Uruguay).

In the conclusions of the meeting, it was agreed to draft a declaration to the UN on the current genocide in Gaza and to denounce all wars in other regions of the planet, as well as the systematic violence against indigenous peoples. A team was formed with some of the participants of the meeting to draft it.

This meeting on 4 May was the beginning of other actions that will be carried out in the future, such as other meetings, conferences, and forums to strengthen a broad space of convergence of diversity and horizontal exchanges that can contribute positively to the cohesion and strengthening of people, groups, and parties in the achievement of a common goal: “the union of all humanists in the world, for the construction of a universal human nation”.

This space is the Humanist International (HI), where membership is open permanently.