Feb. 24, 2024.- While the United States vetoed for the third time at the UN Security Council the resolution presented by Algeria calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, arguing that “to demand an immediate and unconditional ceasefire without an agreement forcing Hamas to free the hostages will not achieve a lasting peace,” the genocide committed by the State of Israel in Gaza continues and escalates for the whole world to see. At the same time, Israel is orchestrating the deportation of 2 million people from Gaza while simultaneously planning to illegally annex a depopulated Palestine to relocate 700,000 settlers from the West Bank in the name of some ancient “rule of law” like that imposed by the Roman Empire. As in previous Security Council sessions, 13 voted in favor of Algeria’s resolution, the U.S. voted against, and the United Kingdom abstained.

By Sara Madueño-Paulet.

The Oasis Plan: Building a bridge toward a lasting peace

Although the possibility of reaching a peaceful resolution for Israel and the Palestinians may appear impossible, it isn’t. We must approach the problem from a broader perspective, of which it is part, to secure a lasting peace. A new paradigm in international relations is needed, a new geometry which transforms the desperation of the current situation into a future of progress and development for Palestine and Israel. The development of Southwest Asia is only one part of an urgently needed new global security and development architecture to allow for the development of all the nations on the planet. Launching the Oasis Plan for Southwest Asia is an immediate priority.

If we look at an aerial map of the region, we can see that it is a total desert. There is no growth, no forest and no agriculture. People are basically living on completely dry sand and there is no development. We’re not simply talking about an immediate ceasefire and the two states’ recognizing each other. As the President of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, said “we must revive the proposal of Lyndon LaRouche put forward in 1975 that the only way to bring peace to Southwest Asia is through massive economic development.” It’s the best way to turn this crisis into an inflection point toward the creation of a new international security and development architecture for the whole world. For this reason, Zepp-LaRouche has called for the maximum distribution possible of the 15-minute video of the Oasis Plan in the coming days and weeks.

Over the last century and a half, the region known as the Middle East has been a playground for geopolitical games, kept in a perpetual state of conflict like a bomb whose fuse could go off at any moment. This has taken a terrible toll on the people of Palestine and Israel. LaRouche’s vision for the region promises productivity not geopolitics. This is the Oasis Plan!

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