We turn to those who have millions of contacts with people all around the world. Like a movement, a network, a hacker who cares about our survival and the defeat of those who are endangering it.

Who was born during World War II grew up thinking “never again.” Never a war again.
50 million deaths seemed to have brought the world to its senses.
However, since then, war and genocide have never stopped. The latest are before our eyes: the unstoppable advance of Nato; the Russian invasion of Ukraine; the atrocious attack by Hamas and Israel’s inhuman response; the endless martyrdom of the people of Gaza. Massacres, massacres, massacres.

When I see people being machine-gunned while they go to get flour, I think they are us. Not in an evangelical sense, but in a historical sense. Nobody wants us safe. Everyone wants us armed. There is a desire of war that resembles the precursors of the First World War and heralds the third, and truly last. I am afraid.

We are all afraid. However, we believe that by arming ourselves we will defend ourselves. On the contrary, by arming ourselves we will hand ourselves over to war, to the enemy, to death.

We have a dream. Let someone who has the means of communication adequate to wake up the earth, declare a worldwide strike against the war.

For one day let’s cross our arms. For one day, nothing is going to be either produced or consumed. Even if only 20 % joined for just a few hours, we would cause economic damage like ten wars. The world would then realize that we exist: we who want peace, because peace is life. Of course, every strike has a cost. However, nothing costs as much as war. Like this war. The last one.

The first signatures:

Barbara Alberti
Ginevra Bompiani
Amitav Ghosh
Raniero La Valle
Massimiliano Fuksas
Luca Guadagnino
Margherita Buy
Gianni Dessì
Viola Di Grado
Simonetta Sciandivasci
David Riondino
Lidia Ravera
Valerio Magrelli
Chiara Barzini
Fiamma Satta
Michelle Müller
Virginia Raffaele
Sabrina Giannini
Geneviève Makaping

To sign the appeal: https://assembleaperlapace.org