Saudi Arabia told the US that it will not resume diplomatic relations with Israel unless an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders is recognized, the Arab country’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s position has always been firm on the Palestinian issue and the need for the brotherly Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights. The Kingdom has conveyed its firm position to the US administration that there will be no diplomatic relations with Israel until the recognition of an independent Palestinian state […] with East Jerusalem as its capital, as well as the end of Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip and the withdrawal of all Israeli occupation forces from the Gaza Strip,” the text reads.

The institution also reiterated its call on the permanent members of the UN Security Council to “expedite the recognition of the Palestinian state to achieve a comprehensive and just peace for all”.

Earlier, White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby, who was visiting the Arab country, said on Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s administration had received positive information that Riyadh and Tel Aviv are willing to continue talks to normalize relations.

Saudi Arabia froze negotiations on the issue, prompted by Washington, in October last year after the outbreak of war in the Palestinian enclave.

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