The BRICS expansion is not aimed at establishing a “world dictatorship” mechanism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday during his speech at the first meeting of BRICS Sherpas and Sub-Sherpas.

“Let me emphasise once again that (BRICS expansion) is not intended to create a new mechanism of dictatorship of the world majority,” the foreign ministry said, citing Lavrov’s remarks in a statement.

Lavrov stressed that within all their communiqués and statements, as well as in practice, the BRICS countries have always expressed that they welcome open and honest dialogues and will never try to impose anything on anyone.

Lavrov said that the accession of new BRICS members will also strengthen the strategic partnership within the organisation and the bloc’s international standing in general.

“We consider BRICS as a bulwark, a prototype of the multipolar world,” Lavrov said.

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