Pro-Palestine activists with the Shut It Down For Palestine coalition marched today through Manhattan to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and an end to all U.S. funding of Israel.

Yesterday, the International Court of Justice affirmed what we have been saying for weeks: the brutal and calculated violence against the Palestinian people in Gaza is criminal and must end. Dozens of countries backed South Africa’s case charging Israel with genocide, sending a clear message to the world that Israel and its backer the United States must be held accountable for the wanton violence inflicted on the people of Palestine.

The march is organized in the context of increased police repression against our movement in New York City. However, this attempt to intimidate and scare people off has given us more energy to continue this just and moral fight. Today’s action is organized by a broad coalition of progressive movements across the city which includes the Palestinian Youth Movement, the People’s Forum, American Muslims for Palestine, the ANSWER Coalition, Al-Awda NY, Nodutdol, Dissenters NYC, Black Men Build NYC, Writers Against the War on Gaza, Bangladeshi Americans for Political Progress, Healthcare Workers for Palestine, City Workers for Palestine, Uptown for Palestine, Anakbayan Manhattan, Jews Against White Supremacy, CUNY For Palestine, Defend Democracy in Brazil, NYU SJP, No Tech For Apartheid, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

“We have been on the streets for nearly four months to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire and that the U.S. government end its complicity in Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. We saw this week that the majority of the world’s leaders agree, and it is our government and Israel that are isolated in their bloodthirsty drive for war. We will not tire out, we will not be intimidated, and we will stay in the streets until there is a permanent ceasefire and Palestine is free,” said Layan Fuleihan of the People’s Forum.

“As the U.S. and Israel recklessly attempt to expand their war to the region and ignore the calls for a ceasefire and an end to the occupation, millions of people across the world have remained on the streets in profound solidarity with the Palestinian people and their liberation struggle. Attempts to intimidate this movement and stop us from exercising our constitutional right to protest will always fall flat. The steadfastness of the Palestinian people has touched the world, and the people will not back down!” said Munir Marwan of the Palestinian Youth Movement.

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