On 6 January 2024, in Pikine, Senegal, the sixth Humanist Forum was successfully held, attracting the participation of 180 guests distributed in 10 work groups, each focusing on a specific theme.

The forum, promoted by Energie pour le droits de l’Homme Senegal, benefited from the active collaboration of numerous organizations, including the Keur Marietou Humanist Women’s Network, Boza Fii, SOS Village des Enfants Senegal (Pikine headquarters), the Humanist Association Ndiadiane, JIG-Jam of Sossop, the Association of Mothers of Students of Pikine, Fonk Senegal, the Sports and Cultural Association (ASC) “Dioubo” of Bandoulou Toucouleur, the Sports Association of Malika, Droits au cœur, Natangue TV and Arcots.

The meetings were marked by an atmosphere of fraternity and profound inspiration, with exchanges that highlighted a deep respect for the diversity of each participant. Performances by Arcots theatre activists added a special touch to the Forum, addressing issues related to the right to health, family violence, and migration. Similarly, the children’s performance at the discussion table on children’s rights gave voice to the demands of the younger Senegalese generation.

Topics of discussion included: Education in nonviolence, Health, Environment, Women’s economic emancipation, Women’s rights, Formal and real democracy, Children’s rights, Arts and Culture, Sport and community development, and Emigration.

The Forum was the starting point for the Third World March for Peace and Nonviolence in Senegal, which will cross the country at the end of November 2024.

Finally, at the beginning of the Forum, the opportunity was taken to commemorate the birth of Silo (Mario Rodríguez Cobos), born on 6 January 1938, the creator of Universalist Humanism and inspirer of Energy for Human Rights.

Photos by Giulia Assogna