La Scala Theatre in Milan, Saturday, Dec. 23, 2 p.m., dress rehearsal for the Christmas concert. Orchestra and choir are “in plain clothes,” the audience is “popular,” no one has paid.

Now and then the conductor stops the orchestra players, gives directions, makes them repeat, but the warmth is that of perhaps the most important theatre in the world.

Some people have decided that something must be said there too, so that it’s heard. They wait for the end, not wanting to interrupt or disturb, but wanting undeniably to be heard.

At the time of the final applause, two banners are unfurled, flags appear, one person calls on all to remember what is happening in the world and to make themselves heard , so that the massacres, the bombings end, not only in Gaza, but also in Ukraine, Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad, Yemen, Kurdistan…

There is a big round of applause and many compliments at the end and even the orchestral players wave in agreement, in greeting.

Every day we will have to find ways to make our voices heard, until we are so deafening and pounding that we cover the sound of bombs and wake up petty, opportunistic, shameful and deaf governments.

Courage. Let us move forward.

Translation from Italian by Evelyn Tischer