The Jewish Voice for Peace Facebook page describes the invasion of the Statue of Liberty in New York by hundreds of activists to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza:

500 Jews and allies took over the Statue of Liberty, disrupting business as usual to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. We were joined by rabbis, elected officials, celebrities, descendants of Holocaust survivors, and children.​​​​​​​

As US Jews, many of our families were greeted by the Statue of Liberty while escaping pogroms. Some were let in, but others were turned away. Our government has a long history of complicity in genocidal violence. Right now, as the Israeli government wages a genocidal war against Palestinians in our name, with our tax dollars, we call on our political leaders to make a different choice. Call for a ceasefire. Stop funding Israeli airstrikes on Palestinians. From Ellis Island to Gaza, never again means never again — for anyone.

We are proud to follow in the long tradition of protests for social justice and human rights at the Statue of Liberty, led by Indigenous, Black, and anti-war movements that came before us. Both US and Israeli politicians are telling us that the answer to all this bloodshed is more war. But the events of the past month have made it clear: the lives of Palestinians and Israelis are intertwined, and safety can only come from equality, justice, and freedom for all.

We know that the bombs will only stop once there is sufficient mass outcry. It’s on us to build that outcry — as fast as we possibly can. Ceasefire now to save lives!

Photos by @zacharyschulmanphotography and @jakehratner