“I express solidarity with the friends of Pressenza,” began peace activist Antonio Mazzeo, amid astonishment, commenting on the news of the attack on Pressenza by the U.S. State Department.

“Pressenza is a newspaper that, over the years, has attempted to give voice to those who, with regard to these fields, oppose rearmament processes, militarization processes, and wars. Evidently doing this becomes uncomfortable, ” Mazzeo continued from Trapani where he was to attend the meeting “Sicily at War” organized by the “Libertarian Left.”

But Antonio Mazzeo then wanted to sound an alarm: “This affair worries me because it could prepare for the next step, the creation of a proscription list where to put all those who do not accept to think only of war and therefore become dangerous and must be silenced “.

The Messina lecturer then concluded his reflection thus, ” I fear a crackdown, a restriction of freedom of expression, an attack on constitutional principles. Article 11 has already been obliterated, it has already been vilified and humiliated; I would not like now for freedom of expression and free thought to be restricted as well. This is what should make any citizen worry, regardless of what one thinks about the current wars.”