Sorsogon City, Philippines—Abuyog National High School proudly celebrates the success of its inaugural event, the 1st Mobile Photowalk held on November 10, 2023. Titled ‘Litratista sa Eskwela’ (School Photographer), this groundbreaking initiative aimed to inspire creativity and critical thinking, uniting students and teachers in a day of artistic exploration in Abuyog, Sorsogon City.

The mobile Photowalk’s primary objective was to cultivate critical thinking skills and unleash students’ creative potential. By providing a unique platform for artistic expression, Abuyog National High School empowered students to develop a keen eye for capturing impactful moments.

Abuyog National High School takes a leap into the world of creativity and critical thinking through the lens.

‘Litratista sa Eskwela’ leveraged students’ skills for social relevance, encouraging them to use photography to tell stories, evoke emotions, and raise awareness about social issues. Participants explored and captured the everyday life in Sorsogon City, using their mobile devices, challenging them to think critically and delve into the narratives behind their images.

Captured in this photo: Participants skillfully employ their skills in capturing images during the Photowalk (Photo by Riggie Clark Jalmanzar/Kurit-Lagting).

This event underscores Abuyog National High School’s commitment to holistic education, fostering not only academic excellence but also the creative and critical thinking skills crucial for success in the modern world. The school looks forward to building on this success and organizing more events that inspire and empower its students.