On October 3, the hearing was held in Kiev on the appeal presented by Yurii Sheliazhenko against the house arrest measure according to what was reported by the international working group that is following the case of the President of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement accused by his country’s services of activities against the Ukrainian state.

The hearing was supposed to be held on September 20 but had been postponed to October 3 because prosecutor Pavlik did not show up.

At the end of a short hearing, Judge Demidovska extended the nightly house arrest until November 30th, granting an extension for the ongoing investigations, despite the fact that the prosecutor had asked to extend the measure by a month, i.e. only until November 3rd. .

The international solidarity campaign launched by numerous international pacifist associations continues, reiterating that Yurìì’s only “fault” is that of being a nonviolent pacifist and conscientious objector to the war.

The main European pacifist associations have launched a support campaign which consists of sending an email for Yurii to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy using the model letter here: