Letter to AARP by Mike Ferner, Interim Director of Veterans For Peace, first published by World Beyond War

Letter to the AARP:

A friend forwarded to me a notice of your event planned for November 11, described in this poster.

I am shocked that AARP, which my wife and I both belong to, would sponsor an event like this!

How many AARP members who are veterans — and their families — are suffering the lifelong effects of war? How much treasure is our nation pouring into the military — money that could provide every person in this nation with good health care and an education?  What a difference that would make in the lives of everyone in the U.S.!

But instead, we will spend over one trillion dollars on death and destruction this coming year while huge needs go unmet in every sector of society.

Make no mistake, that is exactly what is behind your “Sweepstakes.” AARP is playing right into the hands of the military recruiters who operate with unlimited budgets in our schools, communities, sporting events, and media outlets.

Here is a compelling, short video documentary called “Disneyland of War” featuring a combat veteran of Iraq, Mike Hanes, at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego.  It explains in powerful words and images the results of the militarism you are promoting.

The AARP knows and can do much better.


Mike Ferner

PS: Veterans For Peace years ago decided to return to the original, correct term for the Nov. 11 holiday, Armistice Day.  Here is why.

Mike Ferner, Interim Director
Veterans For Peace

Long Island, NY AARP printer advertising published in NEWSDAY

Letter to the AARP Long Island, NY by Camillo Bica

As a long time member of AARP and a frequent visitor to the Old Bethpage Restoration Village, I am saddened and appalled that both organizations are participating in this celebration of the instruments of war. This event neither provides historical information, nor honors veterans. What it does is make war appear interesting and exciting. Tragically, and most horrifically, it exploits the sacrifices of veterans and contributes to the militarization of our youth. In this time of disastrous war and out of control military spending, I would have hoped that organizations sensitive to the plight of war’s victims, would discourage, even condemn war, and urge peace.

Camillo Mac Bica. Ph.D.
Veterans For Peace
Long Island Chapter