Demonstrations continue to take place around the world to demand an end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip. One of the largest protests took place this Saturday in London, where some 100,000 people marched to demand a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave.

One protester said: “I am here today to show my love and compassion for the Palestinians suffering in Gaza and for all the innocent lives that are being lost. This is not about religion; this is about humanity coming together to fight for what is right”.

In New York, multiple protests took place over the weekend. In the borough of Brooklyn, police cracked down on a peaceful demonstration on Saturday, giving protesters five minutes to disperse before attacking and reportedly arresting 19 people. These were the words expressed by one activist who spoke out before the crackdown took place: “I am here because I am Jewish, I was born in Jerusalem, and I am horrified and enraged that my government in the United States sends arms, money and unconditional, endless diplomatic support to Israel while [the latter] slaughters Palestinians non-stop”.

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