This is for all, for all

Silenced by circumstance.

Inner vocal chords cut off

By the exigencies of these times.

Voices strangled, joy mangled

By the suffocating fumes of poisoned air.


This is for all

Not content with a few crumbs

Not content to pass the other by

Not content to ignore beggars and the oppressed

Not content to look the other way

Not content with the lies and smug answers

Not content with things as they are.


This is for all

Who search for the truth

Who reject violence and wrongdoings

Who yearn for peace and a just future for all

Who feel it, heart-felt and deep

Who can lend a helping hand.


There is more, much more

Beyond the way things are.


There is a vision and an aspiration

Common to all human beings, one and all.


There is the time to give it a voice

And the time is now.