An exceptional woman, motor and heart of great initiatives.

She was an economist, worked at the UIMP and recently at the Spanish Council of State.

She was a breaker with the conditions of origin. A native of Pajares de la Lampreana (Zamora), she set off to see the world in Iceland at an early age, where she lived for almost a year, and later moved to Ireland. Finally she settled in Madrid.

She did the work of Leveling and Energetic Discipline in the Toledo Park, completing her qualification as a Master.

She is a nonviolent activist and pacifist. She joined World Without Wars and Without Violence in 1999 and was a great promoter of Latin American forums, visiting all the countries of Central America. Her indispensable collaboration and commitment made it possible to bring the 1st World March for Peace and Nonviolence to life. A march of almost 200,000 km, starting from New Zealand and ending at the Punta de Vacas Park of Studies and Reflection, at the foot of Mount Aconcagua, between Argentina and Chile.

Montse’s work was decisive in organising the World March: initially in planning the route through the Baltic countries, Finland and the western part of Russia, after that, another issue was to carry out the overland section from Mexico to Chile, covering all the countries of the Andes Mountains, and finally, with her trips to Australia and New Zealand, the route was completed, which served to confirm, design and organise the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, which took place between 2/10/2009 and 2/1/2010.

In the World March itself, in addition to the routes, she coordinated the entire administrative function of travel, accommodation, events, etc. of the hundreds of events that took place. She made an Excel file several metres long where all the activity is collected.

In 2017 she was invited to join the Coordinating Committee of the Global Network Abolition 2000 for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons in recognition of the great work done by World without Wars and without Violence in raising awareness of the danger of nuclear weapons in the Spanish-speaking world.

She was also an active participant in the 2nd World March. Member of the Base Team touring Spain, Central America, Nepal, India and Russia and coordinating activities with the Gorbachev Foundation.

Later there were campaigns in Central America on the formation of the word “nonviolence” so that it would be accepted in the dictionary with its own meaning. Like “ahimsa” in India. He published an article entitled “The need for the word nonviolence”.

She was participating in the preparation of the 3rd one which we are about to direct in a few days to be held in 2024.

Her work with the Permanent Secretariat of the Nobel Peace Laureates in conducting seminars and Webinars was important and led to her being appointed as a member of the Academic Council of the Permanent Secretariat of the Nobel Peace Laureates. Her last participation was at the 18th World Summit in Gangwong, South Korea in 2022.

She was excellent, wonderful and a great partner….