On 27 September, the new book on the normative foundations and financing of basic income will be on sale. Written by Jordi Arcarons, Julen Bollain, Daniel Raventós and Lluís Torrens.
We anticipate the issues addressed in the new production:

  1. Taxes, wealth, freedom and the justice (or not) of basic income.
  2. A historical perspective on the different advances of the concept of basic income in the last two decades.
  3. A perspective on conditional minimum income systems in the Kingdom of Spain
  4. The Living Conditions Survey, an informative tool for the analysis of poverty and inequality in the kingdom of Spain (2016-2020)
  5. Fiscal microdata from the Household Panel. New information on income and wealth in the Kingdom of Spain (2016-2019)
  6. Comparison between the two sources of information described so far: Living Conditions Survey (LCS) and Household Panel ( PH).
  7. Analysis of wealth in the Kingdom of Spain. Microdata from the Household Panel and the Household Financial Survey (2016-2019): a proposal for a wealth tax.
  8. A model for financing a basic income for the Kingdom of Spain: the necessary reform of income tax and the essential introduction of a wealth tax.
  9. Financing a basic income in the European Union from three taxes: income, wealth and CO2.

Pre-sale: https://www.planetadelibros.com/libro-en-defensa-de-la-renta-basica/373063