Hundreds of people took to the streets in Ghana for three days to protest against the government, as outrage grows over the exorbitant rise in the cost of living and unemployment.

Romeo said: “The average Ghanaian cannot afford three decent meals [a day]. This is very, very dangerous for the whole country. There are children as young as 14 or 15 years old stealing from people to survive. The government doesn’t care about that. They just take the money, and the Africans can’t do anything about it. But their time is up. We are here and we will fight. If The Nobodies don’t care, the youth care. And when the youth care, then the country must care.

The economic crisis is Ghana’s worst in years and was triggered by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and mounting debt to the International Monetary Fund, which ballooned after the Ghanaian government agreed to a $3 billion loan.

At least 49 people were arrested on Thursday in the country’s capital, Accra, when police prevented protesters from storming the presidential palace.