Themes such as Awakening of Consciousness, Freedom, Historicity, Learning, Equality, Horizontality, Diversity, Inclusivity, Sociability, Collective Thinking, Peace, Nonviolence, Voluntary Action, Coherence, Ensemble, Respect, Spirituality, Inspiration, Globalisation, ReEvolution and Demonstration Effects, Awakening of a Planetary Generation, New Paradigm: Emergence, Installation and its Replication are addressed in this compilation that shapes a new book.

These 24 Theses are an attempt to compile some of the points and proposals of the social movements that have appeared in different parts of the world in recent decades.

The Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, the 15M in Spain, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in the USA and other Occupy movements, the Indignation against the Occupy Movement in Spain, and the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement in the US are just a few examples. and other Occupy movements, Indignés or YoSoy 132, activated and gave continuity to a dormant process, which came from afar and then continued with Occupy Central-Umbrella and Nuit Debout, spread to mobilisations such as those in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, permeated mobilisations in Russia, Belarus, the 8M protests all over the planet, the emergence of MeToo and Black Lives Matter in the US, and mobilisations in Argentina and Chile, and the mobilisations in Argentina and Chile. Most recently, the events in Spain in the wake of the harassment of women in sport.

It is also taking shape, with the Climate Change Movement, against wars and armament with ever greater force globally, augmented by the conflict in Ukraine which is being used to activate the military/industrial apparatus.

All these manifestations are still operating and continue to influence today.

The first document of the 24 Theses was made public in Madrid in May 2014, on the 3rd anniversary of the emergence of 15M. It has subsequently been reformulated with new contributions from members of these movements.

It is presented in the form of a thesis, bringing together the ideas, values, experiences and aspirations observed in these processes regardless of the different social and political contexts in which they manifested themselves.

It is therefore incomplete, partial, and not representative of The Nobodies.

The compilation was assembled by the editor in the hope that it will be useful to the whole and enhance discussion, exchange, and collective thinking.