Saif Ullah Rodeni resides in Sorab Quetta and serves as a policeman.

He was forcibly abducted by Pakistani law enforcement agencies on 22 November2013, while en route to his duty.

His sister Farzana Rodeni attempted to file a First Information Report (FIR) against the law enforcement agencies nearest the police station. However the police declined to accept the FIR against these agencies.

Farzana mentioned that individuals who possess evidence are hesitant to testify in court due to threats they have received. These threats are a result of their willingness to testify against the law enforcement agencies.

Saif Ullah Rodeni was the sole provider for his family, but unfortunately, he now finds himself confined in the torture cells of the Pakistani military without having committed any crime.

Farzana emphasized that she has consistently raised her voice for her brother’s safe release from the press club to the streets.

However his whereabouts remain unknown. For over a decade, she has tirelessly fought for her brother’s safe return, knocking on every door of justice in Pakistan. Regrettably, her efforts have not yielded any justice or relief.

She appeals to Pakistan to either present her brother in a court of law if he is indeed guilty or connected to a crime, and if proven guilty to administer punishment according to the country’s laws.

Despite her pleas, Pakistan has failed to bring her brother to trial, as he is innocent.

She implores everyone to join her in advocating for her brother’s release, as he has spent over a decade enduring torture cells.