A presidium for dialogue with Niger and against any military intervention in the country took place yesterday in Rome in front of the embassy of Nigeria, the president-in-office of Cedeao (Economic Organisation of West African States), which with respect to the coup in Niger does not rule out an armed intervention and has introduced heavy economic sanctions.

‘Yes to peace and dialogue, no to armed intervention’, ‘We support the peoples of West Africa who want peace’, ‘no to sanctions that affect the population’ read the numerous placards in Italian, English and French.

During the presidium, organised by Rete No War and also attended by West African citizens, a letter was handed over to the Nigerian embassy to be forwarded to Cedeao, calling for the avoidance of any recourse to arms, as reiterated by many civil society actors and also by several states in the area.

Rete No War, a small group that has been active since the Nato war in Libya in 2011, also recalled in its placards that adventure, which Africa paid for in terms of the spread of terrorism.