Eureka’s position on the proposals for social equality of some political parties, in the context of the general election of 23/07/2023

In the campaign for the general elections of 23 July 2023, the “universal inheritance” is being raised in the electoral debate, a concept that opens the door to consider the wealth, which today is in the hands of the world’s great fortunes, as capital that belongs to all citizens, since it has been forged with the effort of all.

The tax on large fortunes is something that is often talked about in campaigns, but is never implemented, or is proposed, as in this case, in a timid manner. With scarce funding and with finalist intentions and subject to conditions of employment, entrepreneurship or formation.

Do we still have to look at employment as the axis of our lives? Do we need to be told by the institutions how to spend our time, or how to use the money to which we are entitled, since we are talking about it being “our inheritance”? Until when will we be considered minors?

From EUREKA, an activist platform for UNIVERSAL and UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME, we promote the right to a periodic monetary income for the whole population, that is, universal, sufficient to be able to live with our needs covered, unconditional, that is, without any requirement to be fulfilled, and finally, individual, that is, granted to each person, not to family units. And, of course, that it does not undermine the maintenance of the public services that have been achieved.