“We will put an end to this brothel”, say two candidates of the neo-fascist – not only in name but also in practice – Spartans party that recently entered the Greek Parliament. They were parliamentary candidates in Rethymnon and Chania. The ‘brothel’ for these people were the posters that were put up at the bus stops in Athens, in view of Athens Pride a few days earlier, which depicted two men holding their child in their arms.

But the neo-fascist forces in Crete do not stop there. Applying practices that even more conservative countries have now left behind, they are calling for a counter rally two hours before the Pride Festival in Chania, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Anti-fascist groups, human rights groups, and democratic parties call for broader support in the media, social networks, and -most importantly- on the streets of Chania, next to the main event of our LGBTQ+ fellow citizens. Below is the poster of the self-organized LGBTQ+ festival in Chania.