Another 24th of April… and from the Hamidian massacres of Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1894 until today… a continued and unpunished genocide by Turkey on Armenians, with an abject epicentre between the years 1915 and 1923, where in a cold and calculated manner the Turkish government planned and perpetrated the murder of the people of Western Armenia to appropriate almost the entire original and historical territory of Armenia.

A crime against humanity, known and recognised by the vast majority of the world’s political actors (including dozens of countries and continental parliamentary bodies) who, despite this, choose to remain deliberately silent vis-à-vis Turkey out of petty expediency, and also tolerate the perpetrators of the genocide to impudently deny it from the highest pedestals of world geopolitics while continuing to murder the Armenian people without consequences, as they are doing since 2020 in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) in union with Azerbaijan, to cite just one case.

Biblical Armenia, with more than 8,000 years of history, has had a large part of its vast and ancient lands usurped by Turkey for more than 100 years, and by Azerbaijan for more than 30 years.

The western lands of Armenia were decreed Armenian in 1917 by Russia and in 1920 were solemnly recognised in international public law as part of the Armenian state by the United States of America, England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Japan, the former Yugoslavia, the former Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, El Salvador, Brazil, Argentina and even Turkey itself.

On 22 November 1920, the then President of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson, at the request of the states of Armenia and Turkey, acted as arbitrator and issued an international arbitration ruling that determined the borders dividing the two states, a ruling that is still firm and valid today.

The news that we Armenians give to the world today is that the hour of dignity has arrived.

We have established the Republic of Western Armenia, the continuation of the Armenian State of 1920, to be used as a suitable tool to liberate and recover Our Lands through public international law.

From all corners of the world, the millions of Armenians who make up the original people of Western Armenia are organising ourselves in the exercise of our existing international rights to begin the process of reclaiming our undisputedly Armenian territories, from Mount Ararat to the last of our beloved provinces of Western Armenia.

We invite all free peoples of the world and their political leadership to join us in this epic of liberation and recovery of Our Ancestral Lands, which we are already in the process of.

This is our new way of commemorating our martyrs, with renewed hope, with dignity, multiplied, with a presence in all countries of the world, with an unwavering patriotic vocation, and following the legacy of our elders who have survived the abominable crime that we remember today.

Armenia lives – Long live Armenia!

Dr. Guillermo A. Karamanian, Consul General of the Republic of Western Armenia in the Argentine Republic