The Fellowship of Reconciliation, the oldest interfaith peace organization in the United States, established in 1915, is horrified at the senseless loss of seven lives – three children and four adults, including the 28-year-old shooter – today in Nashville, Tennessee.

It is sinful that guns receive more protection in our country and are considered more sacred than the safety of our children. There have been too many massacres of children in our schools. In the wake of each one, we are shocked into action – and then, when the moment passes, our resolve fades and we move on.

After these murders in Nashville, once again we must face the irrefutable fact that uncontrolled access to firearms endangers us all. Our response to them must be more than “thoughts and prayers.”

Today’s tragedy at Covenant Elementary, a private Christian religious school, requires far more than prayers. FOR calls on lawmakers and communities to take immediate action to finally prioritize life over the profits of firearm companies.

As we bear witness to psalms being inscribed on assault weapons, we call out the perversion of our faith. Mary, the resolute mother of humanity, stood at the foot of the cross witnessing brutality, inhumanity, and death being inflicted on her child. Today we are all parents looking on as the brutality and death from another mass shooting, a crucifixion, is inflicted on our children.

Like the Israelites stood praying at the shores of the Red Sea, as the Passover story tells, we must act to manifest our prayers and create a new covenant committed to honoring and saving lives rather than filling the coffers of firearms manufacturers. Together, we call on all people of faith and conscience to Reclaim the Name of G-d for love, safety, justice, and equality.

All people, and especially children, whether they be Ukrainian or American deserve to live in a peaceful world, free from wars and gun violence. It is upon us all to take concrete steps to secure life.

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