We open with an interview with Noam Chomsky by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now in 2020 a series of short videos of personalities who are different but united by a common feeling.  This project aims to offer food for thought and encouragement to those who continue to strive to build a world of solidarity, justice and nonviolence.

Humanity and hope, two words that are present in different ways in each on these videos, reinforce each other. Feeling unity with all other human beings (and also with all living beings) is the base for the best actions realized throughout history. It means feeling the suffering of the others as if it were our own and making a generous and selfless commitment to change the situation, even if it does not affect us personally. It means connecting with the accumulation of goodness and compassion that has made humanity advance and giving one’s own contribution, small or large it does ot matter, without tying oneself to the outcome, which one may not be able to see.

Hope is a powerful thrust; it opens up the future and fuels action. It is not a passive attitude, but a contagious force that fights discouragement and powerlessness and helps to clarify one’s goals and the best way to achieve them. It values the actions performed by those who do not resign themselves to injustice and violence as examples of what human beings can do and have done throughout history.