Since ancient times, peoples and nations in their development have been relating in various ways. Sometimes through forms of collaboration, cooperation and exchange. And many others, through looting, subjugation or destruction. One brought recognition of humanity in others; another is its crushing through physical, racial, economic, moral, psychological and sexual violence.
Both options were always on his mind and in his world (until that infinite moment).
At the same time, the human being grew in dignity, in freedom, and today paradoxically the nuclear threat hangs over his head.

For today’s humanists, the root of any threat to their “survival” is recognized in the global private capitalist and financial system, directly linked to the military-industrial complex, which, increasingly concentrated in a small pole of power, suffocates , enslaves and annihilates peoples and nations.
Today this situation is so serious that not only is a region in danger, but humanity and all civilization.
Today’s humanists propose to replace and overcome the current capitalist system, through active non-violence, civil disobedience, the decentralization of economic power and its political imitation, through direct and real democracy.

From here we encourage all humanists in the world to unite to overcome capitalism and build together the longed-for Universal Human Nation, today the only possible option.
The International Federation of Humanist Parties (IHP), through its International Coordination Team (ICT), fully adheres to the Europa per la Pace (Europe for Peace) campaign of april 2, 2023, and enthusiastically promotes its dissemination and awareness.

Juan Luis Ortiz
International Relations Secretary
International Federation of Humanist Parties (IHP)