Tomás Hirsch, humanist Deputy Hirsch of the Chilean National Congress, supports the Europe for Peace call for 2 April.

“As president of Humanist Action and Humanist Deputy in the Chilean Congress, I support and join the call for the 2nd April, a day on which those of us who want peace and reject violence, arms and war will mobilise throughout the world”.

“This absurd war,” continues Hirsch in his message of support for Europe for Peace’s call, “although ‘local’, is not a problem of two countries or of a single continent. It concerns the whole of humanity, all men and women who want to live in peace, to live a dignified life, in every corner of the world. That is why we are joining together on every continent, in every country, and in every city, because we know that our future depends on the decisions we take today.

The Chilean parliamentarian invites people to take part in this day of non-violent mobilisation on 2 April and to switch off all war propaganda by turning off the television and social networks. “On April 2nd we will gather all over the world in a nonviolent mobilisation in which we will disconnect from all war propaganda. We will unite men and women from Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Chile and many other countries to demand the right to health, education, decent work and a sustainable environment for future generations”.

April 2nd is a sign of hope for those who believe in a world of peace and coexistence in solidarity among peoples, and a great opportunity to show that we can work together to build a better world for all.

Europe for Peace

On April 2nd, Let’s take peace in our hands!