Zero Waste for Zero Emissions

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) Asia Pacific is using the strength of the movement to celebrate International Zero Waste Month this January. Leveraging its wide international network, GAIA boldly takes the lead to put genuine Zero Waste work into action in spite of the many false narratives fed by corporations, international financing institutions, and other governing bodies. Through science-based and proven solutions to waste, the alliance works on the premise that Zero Waste opens up opportunities to address bigger climate challenges. Zero Waste is climate action, and Zero Waste Month with its theme “Zero Waste for Zero Emission” hopes to show just that.

Here’s a quick look at some highlights of the month-long event:

Refuse Single-Use Day

On January 6, we will kick off the International Zero Waste Month through a one-day celebration of your refuse single-use hacks. You can participate by sharing on your social media your #RefuseSingleUseDay experience or activity. Tag and follow our Facebook page. Link to social sharing guide | Facebook page

International Zero Waste Cities Conference 2023
26-27 January 2023

Zero Waste challenges the “take-make-waste” mode, focusing on collective responsibility and waste prevention. To date, more than 25 cities across the region have established Zero Waste models, showcasing innovations in source separation, organics management, materials recovery, and plastic regulation. Several of these cities have also incorporated brand audits in their baseline studies, exposing plastic waste as one of the most problematic aspects of their waste streams. While plastic bans have greatly reduced the number of carrier bags and plastic straws, governments struggle with dealing with the volume of single-use plastic, often spending millions of dollars in transportation costs for landfilling or even incineration.

This year’s Zero Waste Cities Conference will gather government officials, civil society organizations and Zero Waste communities and practitioners in Quezon City, Philippines, on 26-27 January 2023. Building on previous editions held in Indonesia and Malaysia, the event will feature Zero Waste champions from cities in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States, Europe and Africa.

You can register for free. Register for the International Zero Waste Cities Conference here.

Zero Waste Film Festival

Watch, be aware and be moved to take action through these world-changing environmental documentaries produced by members of the Break Free From Plastic movement. Featured films: The Story of Plastic and Girls for Future

Zero Waste Festival

Virtua and on-site member events happening in various parts of Asia and other countries worldwide are set to provide a wide range of activities and learning events throughout the whole month of January. You can check out our events and activities as there might be one near you.

Here’s a listing of the event highlights throughout the month of January here in the Philippines and across the region:
●Refuse Single-Use Day (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, January 6)
●Zero Waste Olympiad (Philippines, January 6)
●Zero Waste Film Fest – Digital (Online, January 9-31)
●Davao People’s Forum on Alternatives for WtE Incineration (Philippines, January 9)
●Launch of Zero Waste Journalist Network – Asia Pacific (Online, January 19)
●Brand Audit and Waste Assessment (Philippines, January 25)
●Media Briefing (Philippines, January 24)
●International Zero Waste Cities Conference (Philippines, January 26-27)
●Launch of Zero Waste Cities Network (Philippines, January 26)
●Organics Fair (Philippines, January 26)
●Zero-Waste Film Fest (India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam)
●Zero Waste Tour (Philippines, January 28)
●Waste Worker Appreciation Day (Philippines, January 28)
●Aliansi Zero Waste Indonesia (AZWI) Talk (Indonesia)
●Campaign for Sustainable Glove Purchasing for Health Facilities (Southeast Asia)
●Clean-up and Waste Assessment and Brand Audit (Cambodia, India)
●Freedom in A Cup Fundraising Launch (Philippines)
●Launch of Zero Waste Schools, Cafes, and Clinics (Nepal)
●Zero Waste Consulting Services (Nepal)
●Lobbying with stakeholders (Cambodia, India, Philippines)
●Kuha sa Tingi 2nd phase (Philippines)
●Street Play (India)
●Zero Waste and Burn Not Mobile Exhibition (Philippines)
●Zero Waste Creative Actions (India)
●Zero Waste Documentary and Film Showing (Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam)
●Zero Waste Fair (Indonesia, Philippines)
●Zero Waste Fora in Schools (Philippines)
●Zero Waste Interactive Exhibit (Philippines)
●Zero Waste March (Philippines)
●Zero Waste Sessions and Street Plays in Colleges and Schools (India)
●Zero Waste Store Promo (Hong Kong)
●Zero Waste Writing Competition (Indonesia)

For more information, visit and or follow GAIA Asia Pacific on social media: FacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.