The appointment for EMERGENCY and Ogilvy’s video greeting is renewed, now in its sixth edition. This year’s theme is the need to begin to imagine the abolition of war, a goal made even more urgent by the outbreak in 2022 of the conflict in Ukraine, but above all the great challenge that Einstein launched together with other scientists in 1955 with the manifesto known as the “Russel Einstein Manifesto.”

The founder of EMERGENCY, Gino Strada, made that appeal his own, always saying he was not a pacifist but against war, fighting against its atrocities all his life and leaving his dream of a world without war as his legacy after passing away in 2021.

It is his words that are featured in the video: words that tell of a future of brotherhood and solidarity. Words he wrote in the hope that they would become reality. “We will not see it, perhaps our children will not see it either, but war can and must be abolished exactly as slavery was abolished.”

To do this, Ogilvy Italia, together with an international team of artificial intelligence artists, speakers and composers, worked with a series of Artificial Intelligences (Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-e 2, Lexica Aperture) that created a unique video, turning Gino Strada’s words into images.

Precisely because, as he himself said, “If we want a world of peace, we must first know how to imagine it.”

The video has been distributed on EMERGENCY’s social channels in Italy and around the world, with the hope that in 2023 this peace project may indeed become a reality.

The original video in Italian is available at