The documentary “Ausencia del Agua” is now available for free viewing on the Atacama Records website. This audiovisual creation exposes the abandonment of nature and the disaffection of Chilean society towards its natural resources. Through a landscape of desolation, music and reflection, this story and critical vision of different artists, in front of a dystopian scenario, emerges.

The documentary takes place in the Aculeo Lagoon, a space where 5 musical groups give an account of this brutal reality where a few have consumed the water resources of the area in an excessive manner.

Causing great impact on the public, the documentary “Ausencia del agua” had its premiere on December 7th at Espacio Diana, and is now available for viewing in digital format through the website of the Atacama Records label.

The original idea for this documentary came from Atacama Records, a label that, to commemorate its fifth anniversary, decided to develop this sensitive audiovisual production, understanding the commitment of the arts regarding issues of contingency and environmental crisis: “developing content that raises awareness in society is essential, not only to deliver a warning message, but above all to redirect the fundamental principles that give meaning and sustainability to human existence,” says Verónica Barriga, cultural manager and founder of Atacama Records.

Those who attended the premiere were able to get to know the sensitive look of various musical artists in the face of the environmental crisis affecting Chile and the world. This theme is the focus of the documentary “Absence of Water”, which, through an organic and experimental story, poses an analogy regarding the disaffection of Chilean society in the face of the deterioration of nature and the abandonment of culture.

On the impact that the filmmakers seek to generate in audiences by mixing music and environmental consciousness, Verónica comments that “we consider all the arts, especially music, to be a fundamental tool for social transformation, not only because they facilitate the communication of a message, but also because, in addition to modifying the environment, it is capable of moving and making any human being reflect, regardless of colour or social class”.

Those who watch this documentary will experience an experiential journey, in which the language of music stands out as a sensitive tool and a connecting cord to awaken consciousness and social transformation, a methodology that characterises Atacama Records, which proposes the constant exchange and collaboration of all artistic expressions to generate instances of reflection on the state of the arts and the environment, an objective that the documentary fully achieves in a conscious and sensitive way.

Regarding the audiovisual production work carried out, it is important to highlight that the documentary was developed by a team made up of different bands belonging to Atacama Records, such as: Mareo!, Yinyer, Camila Vaccaro, Ds Mestizo and Armadillo Cactus. It also counted with the excellent work of sound technicians, the experience of the production company Maleza in the hands of Cristóbal Garrido who was in charge of the direction and film production, and many other professionals who gave their knowledge and work to give life to “Ausencia del agua”.

After the premiere, Verónica thanked all the artists who participated in the documentary and was emphatic in reflecting that “the lack of consciousness is brutal in these times and it seems that no one is aware of it. Building an equitable and sustainable system requires changes in habits and rhythm. For this, it is essential to educate ourselves on the subject and above all to understand how the value chain that allows the existence of our species to subsist in harmony works”.

A label committed to cultural management

Atacama Records is a cultural initiative formed by sisters Verónica and Magdalena Barriga, who as cultural managers have focused the label’s work on projects related to gender, social and environmental issues. The fundamental challenge posed by the label is to achieve, through interdisciplinary projects, an opening of consciousness and a contribution to the reformulation of the cultural fabric and human habitat.