Protest at the UN Headquarters

Monday November 14, 9 am at the US Mission to the UN

(799 United Nations Plaza) First Avenue & East 45 St.

At some point we will move 2 blocks south on First Avenue to the Isaiah Wall.

Facebook Page:

This November, as world leaders convene in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt for the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27), veterans in the United States plan to take bold action across the United States to challenge the role of all militaries in the climate crisis and, especially the US military. Even though with the Paris Climate Agreement at COP15, nations agreed to report and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, military emissions were excluded. Again, at COP25 in Glasgow reporting of military emissions was not made mandatory. That is why, on 14 November Veterans for Peace and allies will convene outside the UN Headquarters in New York City to tell the UN to demand all militaries report their emissions and announce their emission reduction plans. This is especially critical for the US military, which is the world’s largest institutional emitter and a larger emitter than most countries.