The exhibition “Once upon a time, Aleppo” continues in Al-Hatab “Firewood” square in Aleppo’s Old City.

The installation, organised by the Syrian Ministry of Culture, includes 29 artworks with the participation of a group of young artists from different governorates.

The young artists worked to colour and decorate the square, through the artworks they presented, to translate ten years of the war in Syria, which left traces and destruction, with the hope of its disappearance through art.

Some of the works symbolise the difficult years of terrorist siege that the inhabitants of Aleppo lived through between 2012 and 2017, while others reflect hope afterwards after a state of psychological death due to the war, reports Fady Marouf in a report for Prensa Latina news agency.

The exhibition’s media coordinator, artist Hammoud Radwan, explained that the works on display are flocks of white doves, with each participating artist symbolising a specific theme.

He pointed out the importance of holding the exhibition in Al-Hatab Square, which was subjected to great destruction during the war, and went from being a place full of life to an abandoned place, so it must be revived through art, indicating that the exhibition will continue until 5 November, according to the Syria Times portal.

Undoubtedly, an initiative that raises hearts and shows that, beyond the destruction caused by the interests of power that motivate wars, the human spirit shines in non-violence, creativity and the affirmation of the future over the shadows of the past.

* Cover photo by SANA Agency. The original photo gallery can be viewed here