President Xi Jinping was re-appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party of China this past Saturday during the final session of the Communist Party’s National Congress, marking the beginning of Xi’s third term as leader of the Chinese giant.

Lawmakers abolished presidential term limits in 2018, meaning Xi can remain in power indefinitely as long as he is available.

President Xi also confirmed his top and closest political team, composed of his allies.

Xi Jinping delivered a major speech to warm applause. “We must keep in mind that the country is the people, and the people are the country; put into practice the fundamental purpose of wholehearted service to the people; maintain the flesh-and-blood ties with the masses of the people; always be by their side, always think about what they think and work together with them; actively convey the voice of the many militants and masses of the people; correctly exercise our powers and responsibilities as delegates, and consciously submit ourselves to the supervision of the Party and the people,” he said.

“Having already traversed a century-long path of struggle, the Communist Party of China has embarked on a new path of confronting trials. Over the past 100 years, it has united and led the people of all ethnic groups in the country to achieve great victories in the new democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction, socialist reform and opening-up, socialist modernisation and the opening of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The centenary successes are immeasurably brilliant, and the great centenary Party is exactly in the prime of its life. We have full confidence and ability to work new and greater miracles in the new era and the new expedition that will make the whole world look at us with new eyes. All Party members must unite closely around the Party Central Committee, hoist the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, strengthen our conviction in history, increase our historical initiative and go boldly to the struggle and victory, conducting ourselves with complete dedication to our task and with spirited advance, in order to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups of the country in the struggle for the fulfilment of the objectives and tasks set by the 20th National Party Congress,” he said.

The following were the words expressed by Xi Jinping on Sunday, after the congress concluded and on the occasion when he introduced to the press the six members who were appointed: “In the face of the new challenges and trials we face on this new road, we must be very vigilant, always maintain sobriety and prudence to rise to the occasion, and promote strict Party governance in all ambits uninterruptedly, so that the century-old Party will continue to flourish in its own revolution and always be the most reliable and strongest backbone of the Chinese people.”