In the midst of the massive demonstrations of a popular uprising that has paralyzed the country for the past 15 days, an OPEN LETTER addressed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres by 42 important groups and networks of Haitian social and political organizations, representing thousands of citizens participating in the popular uprising, came as a surprise on Monday 26 September.

The harsh and defiant Open Letter expresses the indignation of the Haitian people at his statements to the French TV channel FRANCE 24, when he described the problem in Haiti as an invasion of gangs. “We, the undersigned organisations, invite you to retract and show respect for the struggle of the Haitian people and to redress the enormous grievances committed against them with your actions and derogatory words,” they say in their note.

The Open Letter to Sec. Gen. Antontio Guterres also refers at length to the catastrophic assessment made by the Haitian population of the presence of UN forces in their country, detailing situations to announce that “the time has come for relations between Haiti and the United Nations system to be defined on a new basis, given the negative and disastrous results of the UN Missions deployed in Haiti since the 1990s”.

After alluding to the widely proven relationship of collusion and complicity between the paramilitaries, the Haitian government and the UN mission in Haiti (BINUH), the Charter warns:

“…the people, this time, will only leave the streets with the installation of a transitional government elected by the Haitians with a road map, a global programme that goes in the direction of satisfying their legitimate claims. This necessarily requires the resignation of Ariel Henry, whom you and the other actors of the international anti-Haitian community will be willing to support at all costs in the criminal destabilisation of our country, which he is carrying out to your satisfaction”.

The Open Letter was immediately supported by dozens of Latin American, Caribbean and world organisations, who expressed their solidarity with the Haitian people in struggle and their just demands, through a second letter to the Secretary General.

Written from Uruguay and Argentina, where long-standing Solidarity Commissions have been working in solidarity with the struggle of the Haitian people for their right to self-determination and all their rights, against the military occupation of Haiti for 15 years with the presence of armed forces from other countries.

The support continues to arrive hour after hour.



long live the struggle of the Haitian people for their sovereignty and all their kidnapped rights!

The full text of the open letter of the Haitian organisations, translated into Spanish, is available here:

The full text of the letter of support from Latin American, Caribbean and international organisations is available here:

Letter of support for the Haitian organisations, note of redress
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