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The theme for this year’s edition is, “Take action for equality: End racism. Build peace”

The eighth edition of Peace Days, an initiative of the Peace Network for Social Harmony, will take place from September 21 to October 2. The event kicks off on the UN International Day of Peace and wraps up on the UN International Day of Non-Violence.

In keeping with the United Nations’ theme for this year’s International Day of Peace, the theme for Peace Days 2022 is, “Take action for equality: End racism. Build peace.” And, in continuation of last year’s campaign, Peace Days is once again inviting people to become actors for equality and to recognize that everyone has a role to play towards achieving a just, egalitarian, inclusive, non- violent and harmonious society. The upcoming edition also features last year’s Peace Days Ambassadors, author and host Kim Thúy, and Brian Bronfman, President and Co-founder of the Peace Network for Social Harmony.

“The theme for Peace Days 2022 is, ‘Take action for equality: End racism. Build peace.’ Starting last year, we decided to offer a consistent, mobilizing theme that encourages people to think about peace and to participate in peace building. If we want to ‘Take action for equality,’ we must start by naming and recognizing the issues, problems and constraints that exacerbate inequalities, and then propose and implement concrete solutions. In 2022, the United Nations is imploring us to put an end to racism in order to build a lasting peace.

“With respect to equality, it is achieved through society’s commitment to equity and social justice. Equity implies the fair treatment of all people regardless of their identities, beliefs, status or values. It is through equity that we can achieve equality of rights and opportunities, by taking into account the needs and lived realities of each person. We invite you, as part of Peace Days 2022, to promote equity in the fight against discrimination, racism and exclusion, as we build a more just, inclusive, harmonious and egalitarian society.” — Brian Bronfman, President and Co-founder of the Peace Network for Social Harmony and Peace Days 2022 Ambassador

Over 40 activities inspired by the 2022 theme

For 12 days, the theme “Take action for equality: End racism. Build peace” will be reflected in more than 40 activities, offered by about 50 partners from the community, cultural, educational and philanthropic sectors. Grouped into four main categories—In Dialogue, Learning, Community, and Arts and Culture—this year’s diverse programming caters to all audiences. This includes workshops, artistic events, exhibitions, roundtables, a picnic, storytelling, conferences, documentaries, a public concert, and more.The programming will have both online and in-person activities, primarily taking place in Montreal but also in the city’s surrounding areas, most of which are free of charge, although registration is required for some.

This year’s programming will once again be launched with a celebration marking the International Day of Peace, presented by the Peace Network for Social Harmony and the City of Montreal.

“In Montreal, it is important to state and reiterate that there is zero tolerance for racism and all forms of discrimination. We aspire to build a city where everyone is equal, where everyone can develop fully and live with dignity. But this is not just an aspiration; we are taking concrete action in many areas to achieve this goal.Diversity is our greatest asset. Whether it be cultural, social or economic, Montreal is strong in its diversity, which makes it a prosperous place to live. Each person, with his or her unique life path, contributes to the effervescence that makes our city a welcoming and caring place to live.”— Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

About Peace Days

In 1981, the United Nations declared September 21st to be the International Day of Peace. The day provides an opportunity to highlight and encourage the development of projects and initiatives aimed at creating a kinder, more peaceful and more harmonious society.

Since 2015, the Peace Network for Social Harmony has had the pleasure of coordinating Montreal’s Peace Days‘ activities, including events on the International Day of Peace itself. The Network feels privileged to work with so many wonderful partners in this initiative, including those from the community, cultural, educational and philanthropic sectors. These partners organize an array of activities each year that enable Montrealers to contemplate and take concrete action for peace. The Peace Network for Social Harmony unites these activities under the banner of Peace Days; it is a special moment on the calendar to highlight the peace builders of our city and their tremendous initiatives.

Lead partner: The Dym Family Foundation Major partners: Brian Bronfman Family Foundation

About the Peace Network for Social Harmony

Founded in 2009, the Peace Network for Social Harmony is a Canadian charitable organization that uses the strength of collaboration in pursuit of its mandate. Its work focuses on three fields of activity: diversity and inclusion, violence prevention, and the promotion of peace and social harmony. Network members come from the worlds of philanthropy and business. In addition, the organization collaborates with NGOs, academic institutions, arts and cultural organizations, researchers, government, and many others. Thanks to its multitude of relationships, the Network is a force for the development of partnerships, the sharing of information and knowledge, and the creation of links between sectors. The Network thus helps to maximize the impact and effectiveness of efforts undertaken by all stakeholders in the fields of peace and social harmony.