The Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic has granted an injunction from Christian Democrat deputies against the Minister of the Presidency, Giorgio Jackson, in which it states that the government authority “did not comply with the requirement of independence” by allegedly assuming a role in the elaboration of a political agreement on matters of improvement of the constitutional proposal.

On the other hand, the Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago declared the admissibility of two complaints filed against the government, especially against the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres) or all those responsible for the crime of misappropriation of public funds. This is due to the impression of almost 700,000 copies of the new Constitution in the framework of the information campaign of the Executive “Let’s Make History”.

In this respect, the Deputy for Humanist Action, Tomás Hirsch, said that the printing of the texts is to inform the public, and those who filed the lawsuit do not wish to inform the population of what the new Constitution really says.

Deputy Hirsch said that the Right, and those who want the Constitution of abuse to remain in place, are preventing the public from being informed. He also pointed out that no political party has received copies of the new Constitution from the government.

Now consulted on the observations made by the Comptroller, Tomás Hirsch says that Minister Giorgio Jackson has met with those who have requested it and does so in order to receive initiatives on the new Constitution.

In conclusion, he regretted that the Right was basing its campaign on lies against the new Constitution and finally invited the people to continue reading the new Constitution, informing themselves first-hand about its contents.