How to educate sexually intelligent children brings together the author’s 15 years of work in talks on comprehensive sex education in schools around the country, where he has collected doubts, questions and fears of parents on this subject.

The book proposes that parents forget that “first talk about sex” and strengthen in their children, from a very young age, the development of a sexual identity that they seek to replicate and sustain throughout their lives.

Rodrigo Jarpa is a psychologist specialising in human sexuality, known publicly in his role as a panelist and columnist in various media.

Attention, mums and dads! Forget the “talk” or that first conversation about sex with your children. With everyday language, an empathetic point of view and a deep knowledge of human sexuality, psychologist Rodrigo Jarpa collects the dozens of doubts, questions and fears that parents have told him in his talks on sex education over the last 15 years, and proposes a new approach to this topic. More than knowing what to say (or not to say) to children about sex, it is necessary to educate sexually intelligent children, that is, to develop in them an identity, a way of being from a very young age, which they seek to replicate and sustain throughout their lives. Through scientific arguments, examples and practical tools, and a lot of common sense, the specialist guides mothers and fathers of girls and boys – from birth to the onset of puberty – in this key challenge of parenting in a world where sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and diversity demand a greater and urgent understanding.

Here is the video of the interview:

About the author: Rodrigo Jarpa is a psychologist, Master in Clinical Psychology, PhD in Human Sexuality and member of the World Association for Sexual Health. Founder and teacher of the Academy of Psychology and Wellbeing, he has created different psychoeducational programmes on sexuality and affectivity for foundations, health centres and NGOs, which he summarises in He is the author of several books. Panelist and columnist in the media, he hosted the programme S.O.S. La Sexualidad de los Chilenos (Chilevisión) and the documentary La Cultura del Sexo (TVN). Today he is dedicated to clinical work, teaching and giving talks and workshops.