On Tuesday 26 July at 7 pm in the Patio of the Amazon Museum, the Universalist Humanist Pedagogical Current of Peru – COPEHU will present the Guide for Peace and Nonviolence, in coordination with the Office of Culture of Loreto in Peru.

The experiential methodology, which promotes the Guide for Peace and Nonviolence, is a contribution of the humanist educators Jaqueline Mera, Rocío Vila and Stefano Colonna.

The publication, with a foreword by the Unesco representative in Peru (2019), is aimed at formal and non-formal learning communities that seek to build environments where the experience of peace and nonviolence can become a way of life.

This pedagogical material is currently being implemented in various schools in Lima, Arequipa, Huancayo, Cajamarca and in countries in Latin America and Europe.

The presentation of the Guide will be a meeting to share and exchange experiences related to innovation in education, so current and unavoidable to work in all areas of learning and relationships.

We are looking forward to meeting you!