A wave of rejection has been generated by the decision of the United States to veto the participation in the Summit of the Americas of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, strengthening even more in the latter country the repudiation against Washington, for maintaining this policy despite having initiated a rapprochement with Caracas.

“The United States is not the one to say anything to Venezuela, because we have been free and democratic for many years, and here what they have always wanted from Venezuela is its wealth and we are not going to give it to them anymore, enough is enough, they are not the policeman of any country, because we are free and democratic, and who did they blockade? to us, is blocking everything”, said Olivia Montevideo, a resident of Caracas.

In this way, Venezuelans are demonstrating their repudiation of Washington’s attempts to prevent the Caribbean country’s participation in the forum to be held in Los Angeles. In this sense, the government warns that this is a manoeuvre that seeks to silence the voice of the Caribbean country.

“Venezuela has the blessing of being the world’s largest oil reserve, the fourth largest gold reserve in the world, the fifth largest gas reserve in the world, which makes us a geostrategic target for the United States, which intends to eternalise itself as an empire, and for that it needs the resources that our homeland has,” said Pedro Infante, president of the Permanent Commission for Integral Social Development of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

The White House’s decision to veto Venezuelan participation contradicts the Biden administration’s recent rapprochements with Miraflores, old strategies applied by the United States seeking its own benefit at all costs, to the detriment of basic diplomacy.

“It must be understood that US policy is a single policy, but it changes its forms, that is to say, it is a single coin but with two sides. The United States is moving and is moving in this direction, with this worldview of believing that the world moves on the basis of interest, and the United States has to adapt to a new type of relationship with the world, it is no longer the hegemonic factor,” said Eloy Torres Román, an internationalist and expert in geopolitical studies.

Despite the strategy applied by the United States, Venezuela is resisting and demonstrating that these actions will not succeed in silencing an entire country that has decided to be independent and that will defend its own vision of sovereignty and democracy at all costs.

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