The Spanish Human Rights Association for Human Rights in Andalusia (APDHA) says that “we are living in times in which rights that we thought were already consolidated are being questioned”.

It affirms that the balance could tip towards the most neoliberal, racist and fascist right wing known since the dictatorship.
The Andalusian Human Rights Association (APDHA) today called on Andalusian citizens to vote this 19J in order to avoid a setback in human rights.

The organisation affirms that it has been trying for decades to ensure that the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not a dead letter and states: “as we have written on many occasions, it is clear to us that rights are not granted, they are conquered and defended”.

However, he says, “we are living in times when rights that we thought were already consolidated are being questioned”. For this reason, the association believes that the elections on the 19th in Andalusia could tip the balance towards the most neoliberal, racist and fascist right-wing known since the dictatorship.

Thus, the organisation encourages people to vote in the upcoming elections, “to continue in the streets, to build networks outside the institutional sphere, but also to influence and decide who will govern us so that we can demand policies of equality and the creation of the common good”.

APDHA states: “we will not let them impose the discourse of fear on us, because we know that ‘security’ means that we have neighbourhoods with more parks and civic centres than gambling dens. We want to be able to walk down the street in peace regardless of our accent, skin colour, sexual orientation or gender identity. We want them to stop spreading hatred in our streets and to care that we can work with dignity and pay our rent without giving up all our wages. We believe that only truly public, quality and universal education, health and social services can guarantee real equality between the people who live in Andalusia”.

For this reason, the organisation calls for a vote for political forces that defend the rights of each and every one of the people who live in this land, “for the common good of Andalusians, because we have a lot at stake”.