We publish here the text and the video of the intervention of the humanist deputy Tomás Hirsch before the Chilean Congress, commemorating the 53rd anniversary of the Silo’s “The Healing of Suffering” that gave origin to the Humanist Movement:

53 years ago, on May 4th 1969, Mario Rodriguez Cobos, better known as Silo, gave a Message at the foot of Mount Aconcagua that inaugurated a new process for humanity.

Today, when Humanists all over the world, and in particular Chilean Humanists, celebrate 53 years since that Message, we are present in more than 100 countries, as volunteers, working selflessly for simultaneous Personal and Social transformation. We share this attempt at humanisation with all those who aspire to build a better, fairer, more democratic country, with more rights. We do so in different fields of human endeavour, to the extent of our humble efforts.

Today’s world, in the midst of a very deep crisis where physical, economic, racial, religious, psychological and moral violence is causing suffering to the 7.5 billion inhabitants of the planet. Today violence is expressed in wars, invasions, famines, but also as a climate crisis that is bringing humanity to a real risk of terminal collapse. A solution is urgently needed to overcome this suffering.

It is possible to overcome this violence. It is possible for each individual to overcome internal violence (enmity, frustrations, resentments, sadness, loneliness, discrimination, injustice, etc.) as a first step as we commit ourselves to overcome the violence of society. It is possible to overcome this violence by treating others the way we want to be treated.

It is possible to overcome this violence by giving the highest value to the human being, by not discriminating against anyone on the basis of religion, race, colour, gender, economics, citizenship, language. All discrimination is violence!

It is possible to overcome this violence through a system of Cooperative economy replacing monopolies and speculative capital that manipulates 99% of the wealth of the population. Putting at the centre the Human Being and his fundamental needs of Health, Education, Housing, Work and decent Pensions.

The planet has everything for the needs of all, but not enough for the greed of a single person.

Humanism welcomes in Chile and the world those who are willing to join in this selfless effort that dignifies life.

To all Humanists around the world, a greeting of Peace, Force and Joy.