I met her in Rome and we always saw each other there, except on the very few occasions when we met in her beautiful house in Attigliano. She was a luminous, amusing, friendly, funny and direct friend, a person you could count on for the rest of your life. And so it was, for more than four, almost five, decades.

In recent times, together with other Romans, she promoted the Salvatore Puledda Centre for Humanist Studies, contributing to the organisation of its International Symposia and contributing with various works, studies and research of her own production. Many of these productions carried the particular morphological point of view, typical of the Discipline of Forms of which she was an experienced master, in the sphere of the Siloist School.

Such was the case of the monograph on Empedocles, in which she delves into the shape of the sphere and the four elements that the philosopher of Agrigento defined in classical antiquity, or her work on change and reconciliation, in which she delves into the attributes of giving as an act of psychological recomposition.

I was told today that her death was unforeseen, happened suddenly. I have no further details. I only hope that she had no pain, that her passing was as luminous as her eyes, her giving as expansive as her generous heart. I wish for her an orientation that will allow her to reach the City of Light, of which we spoke so often while she was with us; which was so clear in her intuitions.

May Luigi Gaglio, her husband, as well as her beloved son, understand that “death does not detain the future, that death, on the contrary, modifies the provisional state of our existence in order to launch it towards immortal transcendence”, as Silo, her Master, taught.