The Andalusian Human Rights Association (APDHA) today (24/05) called for justice and reparation to compensate for the flagrant violation of human rights suffered by María Salmerón, the mother sentenced to 9 months in prison for not allowing her daughter to visit with her father, convicted of domestic violence.

The organisation deeply regrets the suffering of María and other women who suffer the consequences of a patriarchal justice system of judges in this country, “most of whom adopt a reactionary position divorced from reality”. Once again, she explains, “the judiciary is blind to this reality of vicarious violence and responds from a chauvinist and patriarchal position in which the rights of the people who suffer it are forgotten”.

Furthermore, it points out that this injustice also includes an “Executive, supposedly the most progressive, which has denied Maria a pardon with the acquiescence of Unidas Podemos, condemning her to go to prison if no one remedies it within 9 days, just for defending her daughter from staying with an abusive father”.

The association wonders “what this government and the supposedly directly involved ministries, Justice and Equality, are doing about this situation, beyond promises and grandiloquent speeches that do not offer a convincing explanation for this action and that do not translate into anything real and tangible”.

The organisation criticises that María Salmerón is one of many women or groups of women in situations of great vulnerability, who are forgotten in the institutional policies that are being implemented and who suffer serious institutional violence”.

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