The invasion of Syria has gone out of fashion. It is true that the government declared an end to the war some time ago. However, the invading NATO and US troops in particular have not gone away completely.

The Levantine news agency reported today that on a road near the village of Musheirfa in the north-east of the country, there was a clash between residents of the village and members of the Syrian army against a US military convoy.

“A convoy of five armoured vehicles of the occupying US troops accompanied by a van of the SDF militia tried to enter the village of Musheirfa towards the village of Salhia Harb,” local activists told SANA’s correspondent.

Residents repelled the marines’ arrival with stones. In fact, the convoy came under attack all along its route and was chased out of several villages.

This situation of instability and direct encounters with the invading enemy does not prevent the reconciliation centres set up by the Basher al-Assad government from continuing to function. In the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Raqa and Aleppo, they continue to receive people wishing to adjust their legal status.

In Al Aamel, the office in Deir Ezzor has been operating for six months now, and similarly in Raqa, in the villages of Sabkha and Debsi Afnan, where people continue to join the reconciliation process despite the difficulties created by the pro-US militia known as the SDF.

The reconciliation process grants pardon certificates, allowing them to return to a normal legal status. Fugitives, military fugitives, and participants of various militias recognise through this order that the Syrian state is the sole guarantor of their lives, safety and well-being.

In Deir Ezzor, Raqa and Aleppo alone, 45,000 deserters and former fighters have already been pardoned and recognised again as full citizens by the Syrian government. The surrender of weapons is recognised and the possibility of rejoining the regular military forces is open to amnestied combatants with a military formation.