With the slogan “Nonviolence is the future”, a day of “experience and inspiration” is being organised on May 7 in the Toledo Park of Study and Reflection. It will begin at 12 noon and end around 8 pm.

It is an open day, in which anyone can participate, by registering at this link: http://expins.es/

On the 53rd anniversary of Silo’s first public address, known as “The Healing of Suffering”, this Day for a Future without Violence will take place on 7 May. “Overcoming violence is the only viable alternative for the future and depends on the clamour of the people”, the organisers explain.

And they continue: “Today, in the midst of the global crisis, a new spirituality is being born, without dogmas, which puts the human being as the central value and rejects not only physical violence but all forms of economic, racial, sexual, religious, moral and psychological violence”.

In an atmosphere as conducive as that of Parque Toledo, we want a wave of good feeling to emerge, helping to unveil the sacred in ourselves and in others, inspiring us and strengthening the experience of solidarity”.

This Day, framed in the deepening of experience and inspiration, puts the focus on a look towards a future without violence. “In reality the future will be non-violent, or there will be no future if we continue with an escalation of violence in all aspects of human life”, the conveners conclude.