Between the 4th of May and the 23rd of October, a national campaign for Peace and Active Nonviolence will take place, culminating in a festival and a walk to the Park of Study and Reflection Ihuanco from the 15th to the 23rd of October covering a distance of 131.5 km.

The campaign is an initiative of World without Wars and without Violence and all the organisations of universalist humanism.

To kick off this manifestation, several activists will meet in the Ihuanco Park this Sunday 1st May 2022 to present the campaign, to hold ceremonies, to share a lunch among friends, among other activities.

Talking to Mariela Lerzundi, president of World without Wars and without Violence, she told us that they are coordinating with public and private entities to hold thematic forums during the months of the campaign to deepen the different topics related to active nonviolence.

June: the theme of how to install a culture of active nonviolence, one that rejects and denounces all forms of violence, will be discussed.

July: the creation of conditions for an ecologically sustainable planet will be discussed.

August: the theme will be the prohibition of the use and manufacture of nuclear weapons worldwide and the renunciation by states of the use of war to resolve conflicts or to appropriate resources.

Also, in August and September, the Centre for Humanist Studies New Civilisation will hold an exhibition on “Peace and Active Nonviolence Now!” and a series of workshops at the National Museum of Anthropology, Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food (MUNABA).

In September, corruption, which represents the ultimate violence against each and every inhabitant, will be denounced and condemned.

Finally, in October, October 2, the day of nonviolence, will be celebrated and the campaign will close with a festival for peace and nonviolence and a walk to Ihuanco Park, where a special programme will be held.

Come and take part in this festival for peace and active nonviolence!