Humanist Educators in Network (EDUHRED) presents its Agora with Anabella Coiro, on education as a basis for building a community based on nonviolence. It will take place next Sunday, April 24, at 12 pm in Argentina.

For those who do not know EDUHRED, we publish a synthesis of its bases and activities.

EDUHRED is a multidisciplinary and international network that aims to generate responses to overcome the crises in the global educational field by applying its action in specific places with a broad and comprehensive look.

It is framed within the Universalist Humanism current of thought, as a major field that includes various organisations such as World without Wars, which works for Peace, the Community for the Development of the Human Being and the Message related to Spiritual Development. With all these groups, it engages in dialogue and shares its pedagogical specificity, as well as the actions it carries out in forums and various meetings.

It is based on Silo’s work and various theoretical/practical approaches along the same lines, including a precise description of the Human Being as a central value, a vision of Experiential Learning, emphasising Non-Discrimination, Active Non-Violence as a means of conflict resolution and the primacy of innovation over knowledge considered as recognised.

It works in concomitance with other Siloist voluntary networks dedicated to Education, such as CoPeHu and Edumana, present in various Latin American and European countries, generating valid joint actions in order to bring about changes in the educational field.

EDUHRED consists of an open organisational core composed of members with the highest level of interest and participation within the Broadest Network of Participants. It has been working uninterruptedly online for a year now, and has already reached 6 countries in an attempt to systematise, create and disseminate materials and training with free access to support the necessary transformations.

It is in the process of generating its website with the following sections already represented in the current Work Teams.

  1. The Support Sector: Dedicated to offering help to Humanist educators who encounter difficulties in their process, in the form of virtual or face-to-face talks.!ArsPq1Lf4B2qiwtS8zn8AX34u9Ze
  2. The Agora: Dedicated to sharing humanist experiences implemented in various educational settings, in the form of a participatory workshop, designed in advance with the Organisational Team.
  3. The Systematisation and Organisation of Materials section: Some existing materials, the product of the experiences shared in the Agora that have been systematised, including the Production of Audiovisual Materials.
  4. The Training section dedicated to New or Specific Topics. In this respect, two have already been carried out during the first year. One called ¨Autoliberation¨ dedicated to personal development from the point of view of the individual educational process and ¨MED¨ Dynamic Structural Method, in which the educational phenomenon was studied globally in order to prioritise the points to be developed in the Network and work on them. This gave rise to the present Working Teams.
  5. The Dissemination Section and Web Page.